Reflection: PRESSPAUSEPLAY By: Christa Elias


blog #15: Special thanks to janet johnson

First and foremost I would like to say thank you Janet! I remember registering for this class thinking it was going to be something completely different. Wow, was I wrong. It’s always nice to have a teacher who actually cares about what they are teaching their students and Janet has been such an inspiration. I think everyone came into this class with the same mindset as myself, get to class, do the work and move on to next semester. Continue reading

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blog #14: shattered glass


In the movie, Shattered Glass, Hayden Christensen plays a young journalist who made up more than half of the stories he wrote for a professional editing company. This movie was so intriguing to me because for one, I always thought journalists did stuff like fabricating stories to entertain the public. Continue reading

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blog #13: Sex and the city

Analysis papers are so much fun to write. Especially this one. In communications 3300 we were able to chose a magazine or a book, television show or a move to analyze. I chose one of my all time favorite TV shows, Sex and the City. Sex and the City consists of four women who gossip about their sex lives and a lot of other personal things that most TV shows in the 90’s wouldn’t talk about. Continue reading

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Blog #12: Once Upon a Time

After I found out we were watching a television show in class that I’ve never seen before I thought it would be somewhat easy to understand whats going. I like to think that I can read peoples body language quite well. Sometimes in movies or TV shows I catch myself not even listening and just watching. So, when we started watching Once Upon a Time in class I had a clue as to what was going on. I thought it was definitely a modern day fairy tale type of show. In the beginning of the show without sound I had the impression that Emma Swan was kind of a crazy lady because at the beginning of the episode it shows her attacking a guy she is on a date with. Then there is this boy that shows up at her apartment home and it looks as if he knows her well and wants her to come with him somewhere, but its still hard to follow because the show flip flops back and forth between modern time and fairy tale time which is hard to conquer what is actually going on. Continue reading

blog #11: analyzing a movie

The Notebook.

Oh The Notebook. I can’t say I’ve watched this movie and not cried! This movie is about a young couple, a girl who came from a wealthy family and a boy who lived with his father on a very low income. They were so young, but so in love. Continue reading

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Blog #10: Analyzing a Song

Will Hoge, Goddam California

All my life I’ve always been a Texas Country music fan. Until I heard of a man by the name of Will Hoge. He has a voice similar to many Texas country artists, but he’s actually from Nashville, Tennessee. Continue reading

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